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Charles Davidson: Let all the Good Samaritans of the Earth Come Forth

Let all the Good Samaritans come forth from every city, town, village, and wayside in the desert, 

Let all the Good Samaritans of the earth come forth in such numbers as to overwhelm the wickedness of the Trump administration with a love of God and neighbor so great that all manner of goodness shall prevail, 

That the poor, the migrant, and the stranger who are treated as the refuse of the earth shall be lifted up and given refuge from their present travail,

That the mountains of hatred and towers of injustice that corrupt the corridors of power shall be reduced to heaps of rubble,

That those infected with false pride shall be made humble and the cruel of heart brought to their knees in penance,

That the mighty who through their laws and levies have forsaken the ways of God’s justice shall be made accountable to the meek who day and night cry for mercy,

That the righteous through acts of loving kindness shall transform the bitter fruits of those who have willfully sown the seeds of death and destruction, 

Let the Good Samaritans of the earth come forth, 

Let them come forth from the far and near reaches of the soil beneath their feet, 

Let them come forth in great numbers with their hearts open and their hands engaged to serve,

Let them come forth now,

Let them come forth,

Let them come. 


In response to Nicholas Kristof’s Op-Ed in the New York Times about a good Samaritan arrested at the border

Charles Davidson, a retired Presbyterian Church (USA) minister, psychotherapist, and professor, was pastor of congregations in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia; a clinician with Pastoral Counseling Services of Central Virginia; and undergraduate professor of history and philosophy as well as the Darrel Rollins graduate professor of pastoral theology, care, and counseling at Virginia University of Lynchburg. 

Copyright 2019 Charles Davidson

The Good Samaritan, after Delacroix
by Vincent van Gogh. Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo, Netherlands (WikiArt)

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