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David Huddle: Box of Rocks

Exactly what kind of rocks are in that box

our buffoon of a leader is allegedly

dumber than, because certain mineral 

deposits–say those that contain fossils 

of prehistoric forms of life, e.g., 

trilobites, dinosaur jawbones, ancient 

lice–offer greatly valued intelligence 

to scholars, so that if we’re comparing 

our national ignoramus to these elite 

stones, we’re praising someone whose foul soul

requires unceasing education, as certain

prisoners are sentenced to spend their days

learning how little rocks become happier

than big rocks with the help of a sledgehammer.

Copyright 2019 David Huddle

David Huddle’s ninth poetry collection, My Surly Heart, will appear from LSU Press later this year.

One comment on “David Huddle: Box of Rocks

  1. smithdaniell
    March 7, 2019

    love it. But its not Tintern Abbey. Dan


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