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Susan Sonde: Romeo to his Juliet (Corrected version)

As nothing shutters a bad like a good,

I’ll come to you, fish in water, 

dime with a hole drilled through the middle.


Let’s span a time with each other. 

The mutual will give us pleasure. 


The days are ruddy in the sun 

and in the rabbit warren 

a situation is brewing.


Be diligent in your happenings 

at the windows among the flies.


Stick to the industry of resolve, 

they are looking for recalcitrants 

like you.


Don’t spend flagrantly if you don’t 

want a gone. Have wine with your 

plenty.  I’ll come to you.


The dogwood is already underway

and the lilac we know isflagrant.

I’ll come to you like a car in mud. 


Lately, I’ve been sufficient and found

the missing dictionary dog-eared 

among your gloves and gray 

hat, feathered band.


Take the bread if you want discourse 

with the pigeons. 

Nothing fits the box you gave me. 


I am quite a palindrome in your 

hands. Still, I’ll come to you, 

when the mirrors retain my image. 


I am capable in my letters as there’s 

no one but you. You have earned 

in the school of anxiety,  my approbation. 


I drive nails into the ground on 

your behalf,  lest you  betray me.

Let’s not head back to dissension

it gives us no purchase. 

I want the early of you

not how you’ve digressed.


Ours was to be an easy—

not atonal. 


Abundant melon; exquisite wave—.

O’ flight of bird, I am chronic for you,

a sponsor of your munificent, and

I’ll come to you.

Note: A truncated version of this poem was sent out earlier. We apologize to the author. — MS

Copyright 2019 Susan Sonde.

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