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Chard DeNiord: In my Unknowing

Oh taste and see. –Psalm 34, 8


I was driving through the fields of Heaven when I realized I was still on Earth, because Earth was all I had ever known of Heaven and no other place would do for living forever. I had grown beyond belief from seeing that everything I felt had sprung from lives I’d already lived, so that I could feel the way I did, which was so much I had no idea where to begin. The crawling? The slithering? The leaping? The flying? The dying? If you had been there with me in the passenger seat and asked me about the newt or flea or pachyderm, I would have told you everything I knew, which was a frightening amount, and not only that, but just how much I loved them all—those Heavenly beings: the serpent, the lion, the mosquito, the hawk, the antelope, the worm; and not only beings, but stones as well. Each particular thing so mysterious in my unknowing, I knew I was living forever. I knew the fields through which I was driving were the fields of Heaven in which I was tasting and seeing, seeing and tasting.

Copyright 2019 Chard DeNiord.

Fields of Heaven (photo by Medeaa)

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