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Yana Djin: “Days are so slow, adoni, so slow”

Days are so slow, adoni, so slow,

each moment like eternity spreads and lingers

In the dusk leaves like golden suns shiver and glow,

and you lie still, watch the trembling light through your fingers

Nights are so slow, adoni, so slow,

The dead come alive, unhurried and start a discourse

Touched with mild humour, a hint of a smile, a slightly raised brow

And you listen, quiet, unaware of the seeming distance

Life is so slow, adoni, so slow

nights and the days and the blades of grass

nights and the days and the words of brass

life is so slow, so slow


Yana Djin was born in 1969, in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 1980, she emigrated to the United States where she studied philosophy. Djin writes poetry in English. Her first book of poetry “Bits And Pieces of Conversations” was published in the US in 1994. Her poems in Russian translation were first published in 1997 in the “Literaturnaya Gazeta” under the heading “The New Literary Star” followed by the publications in the literary magazines “Druzhba Narodov” and “Novyi Mir”. In 2000, Yana Djin’s book of poetry (in English & Russian) “Inevitable” was published in Moscow. She now lives in New York.

Copyright 2019 Yana Djin


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