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Central de Muros: In Mexico City, Artists Cover World’s Largest Market In Murals

The second phase of the Central de Muros begins with 50 artists from around the world racing to finish 39 murals.

Mexico City’s Central de Abasto, the world’s largest market, is visited by half a million people every day. With the help of the United Nations, the state of Mexico is endeavoring to make it the world’s biggest urban art exhibition by covering the walls with murals by dozens of artists. Administrators have reported a decrease in vandalism and graffiti near the murals.

This year
According to project developers, the idea behind the initiative is to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
"Urban art is a tool for social change," said Itze Gonzalez, co-founder of We Do Things and curator of the murals project.
According to Ceda Trust
"What we want is to give the people of the Central de Abasto the opportunity to know what art can offer them and to be able to select which mural is their favorite, and become art critics," said Gonzalez.
"Art projects a world we want. In a complicated world, we must defend the values of humanism; of a better, more just world. We want to use this tool to talk about the world we want,” said the UNDP
Art allows people "to talk about these goals in an innovative way," said Giancarlo Summa, director of the United Nations Information Center for Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.
"It is undeniable that culture will always be an enemy of authoritarians because they do not want people to be aware of what’s going on; this is something we want to change with Central de Muros," said one artist, Santiago Espinosa.
The project is centered on the popular Pre-Hispanic Mexican tradition of murals.
Adapted from an article in Telesur submitted to Vox Populi by John Samuel Tieman

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