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David Huddle: Sex Sentence

I opine most women feel

vaguely erotic almost

all the time whereas men

sporadically feel

specifically erotic

when stimulated by certain

visual phenomena

knowingly or unknowingly

created out of the vaguely

erotic (and often witty)

ladies’ fashion impulses

into which I dare not delve

for fear of pissing off some

dear friends but generally

related to the subtly

revealed in juxtaposition

with the enticingly

concealed, so that in ideal

circumstances a vaguely

erotic aura engages

a specifically erotic

potential thereby

producing a sexual

combustion wished for by both

parties, though mathematically

speaking the ignition

occurs randomly more

often than by design, thus

resulting in awkward, sad,

idiotic, bizarre, unpleasant,

sometimes even felonious

behavior, the possibility

of which so discourages

women they seek the company

of other women so that

the vaguely erotic may

be safely manifested

in conversation and so

frightens men they go back

to Manland where they hang out

with their brothers & concoct

fabulous narratives

of their specifically

erotic adventures

& astonishing triumphs.


Copyright 2018 David Huddle

One comment on “David Huddle: Sex Sentence

  1. Daniel Burston
    September 20, 2018


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