But for every hour we do nothing, small traumatized children are driven under Easter-egg tents inside chain link pens, 11,000 and counting.  It is time for the American People to get some courage–to prepare for what we have a right by precedent and history and the Declaration & Bill of Rights to do–in the same way we freed ourselves from the British we have the right–and the duty–say true early day patriots and increasing numbers of us– to overthrow a despotic regime.

According to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of some 35 states in our “more perfect” Union, the people have not only the right but the duty to overthrow the control of a “despot.” Especially to save vulnerable refugee families turning to us for help.

Yes.  As the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 expressed it:  natural law teaches that the people are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” and can alter or abolish government “destructive” of those rights.

The U.S. Declaration of Independence states that “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government” . The phrase “long train of abuses” is a reference to John Locke’s similar statement in his Second Treatise of Government, where he explicitly established overthrow of a tyrant as an obligation. Martin Luther King likewise held that it is the duty of the people to resist unjust laws.

Let us then look at “the long train of abuses and usurpations” whose goal by the evidence of our own eyes and ears is absolute power and control of our country by the rogue president who has remarkably transformed our representative government into a despotic regime.  

  1. Trump has openly enlisted the assistance of the Russians in coming to power.  To date the Mueller investigation has resulted in multiple indictments and pleas by those assisting Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.
  2. By every measure, this is treason.    Russian assistance has included hacking, vote tampering in swing states, organizing via social media of flash mobs and cultivation of assets and supporters through introducing chaos and persuasion designed to intensify the unhappiness and sense of marginalization of evangelical white conservatives.    To assent to and accept such assistance from the Russians is to be complicit in the commission of treason
  3. Before the refugee crisis and the perpetration of criminal behavior upon the least of these, this is the most egregious usurpation of American democracy, the Rule of Law and our reliance upon Constitutional norms — the faith of the people that in a representative government the people will be represented and that our country cannot be taken over in the way that it has been.
  4. Further usurpations by Trump have included his abolition of trade partnerships, the Paris Accord and other environmental protections that keep the people safe and preserve the land and its flora and fauna.
  5. He has broken faith with the people in negotiating with Kim Jong Un and stopping the protective exercises that have assisted our allies South Korea and Japan in defending themselves against North Korea.
  6. He has alienated our primary allies so that when we come under attack from a hostile power it is in grave doubt that anyone will wish to come to our aid.
  7. He has in effect utterly abrogated representative government, somehow rendering impotent the members of his party, the party in power who, if they were courageous in any way, would have him removed from office–
  8. For, in his daily conduct, his disgusting “tweets” and miscalculations have topped off his danger to us all.  They have revealed his racism, that he is unstable, that he cannot take criticism, that he is violent and above all, that he is a con man.

Now, he has through his equally ego-diseased aide d’camps Miller and Kelly, imposed an immigration “policy” that immigrant children should be separated, perhaps for all time, from their parents when they come to us seeking asylum.

It appears that many Democrats have now placed their hope in both the endless Mueller investigation and the U.S. Midterm Elections to stop this out of control dangerous man.

But consider that Donald Trump himself ordered that small children should be ripped away from their parents and interned as an immigration deterrent, an insanely inhumane one, imposing upon them documentable trauma.  These children are his latest pawns and he supposes that their parents, who are largely Latin American refugees desperately seeking asylum, are criminals.  What is this but ethnic cleansing worthy of a Hitler during the Third Reich?

That Trump can hear the babies’ voices and see their loneliness and bewilderment as they sit in tents within chain link enclosures in a barbaric scenario that has many Americans in tears, that he can do this without stopping this with one phone call, speaks volumes about the fact that rather than a man of integrity, compassion and forbearance in the White House, we do have a despot who with every passing hour inflicts pain and suffering on us all.

It has been many years since any of us have uttered the word “revolution.”  But read again what history says of revolution and of our own revolutions in which we shed our blood and committed our treasure to the goal of an end to tyranny.  

Donald Trump has a deepening disease of the ego; and the inaction of those who could use the tools of the Constitution to rid ourselves of him speaks to a terrible thing articulated by John Kasick last night:

The American people have lost their courage.

Have we? In the Bill of Rights and the Declaration it says we have a duty to act.  We have a moral duty to remove this man from power by “any expedient means.”

This is truly American to do.  We fought the British for our independence.  We ended the tyranny of slavery.  We impeached Clinton and Nixon.

And why not this man?  In a rogue regime, an effective coup in which a puppet of Vladimir Putin has been installed in the Oval Office, why not this man?

He has inflicted not only torment on children and parents but on all of us.

I have been driven to place a prayer in Arabic on an Islamic Facebook site.  My prayer says this:  Blessed is he or she who brings before Allah he who would harm little children.   

tubana liladhi hu allah aladhi yaduru bial’atfal alsaghar.
طوبى للذي هو الله الذي يضر بالأطفال الصغا

Some of us have called for the resignation of Kristjen  Nielsen , Homeland Security Head.

What, my fellow Americans, must be done?  Who will step up to lead the charge in order to effect a regime change from within.  It is time to stop sugar-coating what has happened to us, to call it what it is.  To act is terrifying; not to act is criminal.