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Jeremy Slevin: The UN Just Published a Scathing Indictment of US Poverty

UN special rapporteur Philip Alston addresses a press conference at UN headquarters in Nairobi on February 25, 2009. (Photo credit TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images)

3 comments on “Jeremy Slevin: The UN Just Published a Scathing Indictment of US Poverty

  1. Daniel R. Cobb
    June 12, 2018

    The Republican Party is a criminal organization that in a world of common sense, would be banned.

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  2. Daniel R. Cobb
    June 12, 2018

    It has been the Republican Party agenda, for several decades, to ransack the American treasury at every opportunity. When Democrats are in control, the Republicans scream about the federal debt and how social spending on education, health, and social services must be slashed. They rail against entitlement programs – social security, medicare and medicaid – forgetting that the vast majority of recipients are ENTITLED to those benefits, having paid into them all of their lives. And yet when Republicans are in control, the slash taxes for the wealthiest and corporations by trillions, further exploding the federal debt. They are consummate thieves, with no regard for the well-being of the America’s citizens or the nation’s solvency. Theirs is simply wholesale theft to the tune of trillions, made legal.

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  3. Jenniferriaz
    June 11, 2018

    Reblogged this on Human Rights & Activism.

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