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Video: Jim Carrey — I Needed Color


In his comedies, film actor Jim Carrey seemed at times almost maniacal, and press reports and gossip columns showed a chaotic personal life as well. At the height of his celebrity status, he displayed an antic quality that seemed to indicate a man who was out of control.

As Carrey recalled in a 2011 interview:

After I became famous, my sixth-grade teacher sent me sketches she had confiscated. She kept them because she thought they were cute. She also knew how to harness the energy. If I was quiet, she would give me 15 minutes at the end of class to perform. Today, I’d be on Ritalin, and Ace Ventura would have never been made.

In recent years, Carrey has taken fewer acting roles and as David Bushell’s short documentary, I Needed Color, shows, Carrey has embraced painting and sculpture as a way to heal himself. The practice of art has caused him to become quieter, more contemplative as he experiments with giant paintings, tiny sculptures, works that involve black light, squeegees, and shredded canvas stitched back together with wire. He says of his art:

When I paint and sculpt it stops the world for me, as if all time has been suspended. My spirit is completely engaged, my heart is engaged, and I feel completely free. I think I just like creating. All of it is a portal into present, into absolute, quiet, gentle, stillness. This involvement, this presence, is freedom from concern. That’s harmony with the universe.

To see more of Carrey’s art, go the website for Signature Galleries.

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One comment on “Video: Jim Carrey — I Needed Color

  1. venantiusjpinto
    May 12, 2018

    WOOT! I agree that everything talks to you.

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