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Majid Naficy: The Last Story of Borhan

Borhan Hoseini passed, too.
His heart stopped beating
Behind the red light.
He was in a death car
With his last story
Carried in a Samsonite brief case.

Of our happy circle, Jong,*
Writers of beauty and truth,
Ahmad Miralaei passed first.
Agents took away his life
And left his body in an alley.
Then death arrived.
Golshiri  passed, Khazraei passed, Rami passed,
Hoghoughi passed, Najafi passed.

Surviving friends in exile!
Surviving friends at home!
Do you hear the sound of its wheels?
Who is next?


Copyright 2018 Majid Naficy

* “JONG-E ESFAHĀN (Isfahan anthology), an independent, avant-garde literary periodical, established in Isfahan in 1965 by a circle of literary men, irregularly producing 10 issues from 1965 to 1973. After a break of approximately 8 years, the 11th and final issue of the periodical was published in 1981.” (Encyclopaedia Iranica)


Persian author Borhan Hoseini

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