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Walter Bargen: Real Rumors

Now that it’s done being undone,

or, at least, the end of the beginning of undone,

depending on the harrumphing water pumps

and which side of the bulldozer blade

is contemplated, or if a phoenix

can rise from the wet ashes


of flood insurance, now that the poor

replacements for the Ark, johnboats

and helicopters, are docked and landed.

The warnings were of “fire and ice”

not breached levees, though ignored

apocalyptic footnotes after-noted,


the Post-Its of black mold crawling up walls,

freely stocking lonely refrigerators,

an unpaid tenant there to guard

against occupancy, not knowing the real Creature

of the Black Lagoon is from the fungal

underworld, thrilled and thriving on humidity.


Fine films of filaments never heartsick,

heartbroken, or longing for home.

Invincible. How little has changed

in the aftermath of changing light: false starts,

unreal rumors, the turning back, returning,

as if life is treading light and dancing on rushing water.


Copyright 2018 Walter Bargen



Pensacola, Florida 2017

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