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Sandy Solomon: Demonstration, Summer 1992

Serbian men outside her house,

her cousins shot, her sister raped

repeatedly:  the woman from Kosovo

told this story as she cupped a candle

to shield its fuddled flame. Elbow

to elbow, we bent, a flickering bank

of points.  Our candles wavered, flared

in gusts off the Thames, our faces shadowed,

lit again. “Honk for Bosnia,”

said the signs as if commuting

Londoners, convinced, could change

Europe’s hands-off policy

with a sidelong glance and a toot.

Of Kosovo, then, the news was blank.


The world keeps writing its sad chapters.

We knew it then and there we stood,

trying to light our candles again

as Westminster turned, nearby, its floodlit

back, all lace-work stone and tracery.

And while some drivers honked and nodded,

we remained, all told, a foreign

gesture, blink on evening’s TV screen,

unreported, thus unseen,

impelled by what we’d heard to a bodied

show of speech. But who were we,

bent so doggedly against the breeze?

Copyright 2018 Sandy Solomon

One comment on “Sandy Solomon: Demonstration, Summer 1992

  1. melpacker
    January 7, 2018

    “Our candles wavered, flared…..” as does the attention span of the world as history flickers from disaster to disaster.

    Liked by 1 person

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