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Doug Anderson: Death

Death is sitting at the foot of my bed.
“Get up,” she says. “The sun is out
and the horses are waiting for grain.
Besides, love will blindside you again
and you’ll forget me. You cad.
But I’ll never leave you.
No, I’ll be here when you get home.”


Copyright 2018 Doug Anderson

3 comments on “Doug Anderson: Death

  1. daniel
    February 25, 2018

    something about the first line that, as I’ve gotten older, and had a few depressions, brings so true—but the rest of the poem is like an answer to a koan: stand up in your world and do what needs doing—that death does not need to be contemplated—when ready, it will be time to go….I’ve just used a lot of words to say what you did so so succinctly and masterfully!

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  2. alexsondra
    January 9, 2018

    Perfect. Death, accept it, make it a friend, disregard it, your choice, but it is always true and present.

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  3. Patricia A. Nugent
    January 3, 2018

    A haunting poem. Short and powerful. And a perfect time to post after the latest tweet re: the size of the nuclear button. Death WAS at the foot of my bed last night.

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