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Kristofer Collins: Asylum

for Kenneth Patchen


When the sky opens up I hurry for the bus shelter

hoping for some kind of asylum. I’ve nowhere to be and today

I just want to watch the rain. Things sure have gone to hell

just as you predicted. I hate it when you’re right.

I hate how the drivers here ignore the One Way sign

and just do whatever they want. I’ve seen some near misses

and I’ve see honest to God fender-benders. Everyone is

so damn careless. And I’m no different. I drink too much

and avoid my doctor. I’m going blind, did you know?

Pretty soon the shape of everything I love will be a memory.

Maybe that’s good. Maybe I’ll appreciate you more.

It doesn’t rain all the time here, but I only really think

of Pittsburgh in the rain. Just as I only think of you

when the bus doesn’t come and the rain becomes snow

filling the arc of each newly lit streetlamp like a riot

of the dispossessed.


Copyright 2017 Kristofer Collins

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