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Buddha Shakyamuni: A Real Leader

A leader should not crave wealth and property, and should dedicate personal resources to the welfare of all.

A leader should cultivate morality: never killing, cheating, stealing, exploiting others, committing adultery, uttering falsehoods, or becoming intoxicated.

A leader should sacrifice for the good of all, giving up personal comfort, name and fame, and even life, if necessary.

A leader should exhibit honesty, integrity, fearlessness, and sincerity, and should not deceive the people, nor show favoritism.

A leader should possess a congenial temperament, exhibiting kindness and gentleness.

A leader should be austere in habits, lead a simple life, and demonstrate self-control.

A leader should be free from hatred, ill-will, and enmity, bearing no grudges.

A leader should promote peace, avoid war, and prevent violence and the destruction of life.

A leader should cultivate patience, forbearance, tolerance, and understanding, patiently enduring hardships, difficulties, and insults.

A leader should not oppose or obstruct measures conducive to universal welfare. 

Source: Jataka I quoted in Great Middle Way

According to traditional dating, Buddha Shakyamuni, also known as Gautama Buddha, lived from 566 to 485 BCE in central north India. His teachings form the basis of the Buddhist religion. For a brief biography of the Buddha, click here.


2 comments on “Buddha Shakyamuni: A Real Leader

  1. triciaknoll
    September 26, 2017

    I’m studying Buddhism now…and keep thinking of Myanmar.

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  2. anisioluiz2008
    September 26, 2017

    Reblogged this on O LADO ESCURO DA LUA.

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