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Billy Clem: Autumn

Attending late flowers, I inhale

low pressure. Four o’clocks trumpet

their final purples and sumacs give

a sudden red beat before they cut

and bleed. Tall and brazen pink,

surprise lilies clamor in the wind

and lean east. They refuse the browning,

these flapping horns of recall.


And the children? The children stare.

They need to keep these lasts, these

lasts before maple, elm, sweet gum,

and oak, like old women who raise arms

against it all, who have forever raised

arms against it all, gray the skies and mute

the impudence of song, strangling grasps.

How I wish I could hate them all.


Copyright 2017 Billy Clem



4 comments on “Billy Clem: Autumn

  1. sipofwellness
    September 23, 2017

    So beautiful
    Via http://www.sipofwellness.com

    Liked by 1 person

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