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Gary Margolis: Hive Mind Synching

My friend sitting outside the cafe

on the Left Bank texts me she thinks

our country has lost its collective

mind. She puts down her phone

to watch the cabs and buses,


the workers walk over the Pont Neuf.

I’ve only been there once

which is enough to write

their names. And not feel I have

to text her right back to defend


my way of life. Still living here

in the country, a half-mile

from my town’s temporary polling

station. A word I could tease her with,

by taking a selfie standing near


an electric fence, a small herd of polled

Herefords, curious enough to amble

closer, to see what the reflection

of themselves is about. To see

if I have a handful of molasses-stained


grain to feed them. Not that a handful

would add to their weight-in-the-world.

Would do anything more than delay

their turning away for less than it takes her

to message me to do anything


one person can do. To see inside a thousand

backpacks and briefcases walking by her.

To know something she doesn’t,

she wouldn’t have any way of knowing.

She could use the hive mind of her friends,


her Facebook friends for. A corporate name

a second ago I was reluctant to use.

Until one of you posted for both of us

to look up from our phones. To see that

package synched at our feet.


Copyright 2017 Gary Margolis


Pont Neuf, Paris

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