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Leonard Gontarek: Why Putin Hacked The Election 

All winter long I received

emails offering bulbs and seeds

from a place named Eden.

And then it happened. False spring.

Crocus broke through dead leaves.

Small trees were reported in bloom.

Children celebrated in the streets

as after a war. Of course,

it ended and, impoverished souls,

we went back to living our lives of winter.

The birds sang, less with elan,

ramped-up on ennui. Temporarily, it returned.

Furry red buds in Japanese maples.

Perfect, brilliant crocus in cryptic patterns.

We opened the windows for the cats.

It as though the natural world were saying,

No matter what, we can enter your house

and do what we want.


Copyright 2017 Leonard Gontarek

One comment on “Leonard Gontarek: Why Putin Hacked The Election 

  1. Christina Cook
    July 5, 2017

    This winter’s “false spring” was both otherworldly and too much of this world — I knew this in my bones when it was happening, but Leonard’s poem brings it to life in a way that helps me process this year’s events even more deeply as a citizen and as a poet. Leonard’s is an elegant and important voice; he is an “unacknowledged legislator of the world” if there ever was one.

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