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Justin Vicari: Kingdom of One

Hey there,
snappy-coated language and an unexpected, high-tech
subject will not reinvent your reasons for speaking,

oneself one’s only true subject, no matter what
we think, here in this diner-booth
kingdom of one. And long before you

ever thought to reinvest your share of normal
unhappiness, you looked at a squashed squirrel in the road
and knew there had to be more than this.

Not the way you look
at the busboy’s apron and notice
dark molasses, near his heart. It doesn’t
make you feel sick or shy,
you always lower your head

when eating a burger. It’s your
modus operandi. A hundred-dense
sheaf of snow geese

fell from the Idahoan sky. The TV shows
a dark-washed sky,
then downed mounds of down

and the talking heads level off
warnings, end of days, sign of
judgment. Blah, blah. Their talk slick
as larded string beans, clustered like reasons for living in

a language of one’s own.
News anchors who report
incomprehensible stories cultivate

the blameless look of babes in arms,
while we — but there’s no
we here to bless the indigo
once pricked and rubbed into
this busboy’s forearm, to make the words:



Copyright 2017 Justin Vicari



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This entry was posted on May 5, 2017 by in Poetry, Social Justice and tagged , , , .

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