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Video: Escape from Syria – Faiza’s story


Donald Trump’s recent bombing of Syria was a cynical attempt to distract the media’s attention from the investigation of his ties to Russia. His diversionary ploy worked. Mainstream news has turned its gaze to US military involvement in the region and seems, at least for the time being, to have forgotten about Trump having been paid off, and perhaps blackmailed, by Putin. However, we mustn’t let Trump’s manipulation of the media distract us from his administration’s corruption or from the very real tragedy of millions of families in Syria.

Film director Jack Newman says, “After visiting Jordan last year I interviewed a Syrian refugee who fled across the border from Syria with her two children. I asked her young children to draw pictures of their journey. This animation takes inspiration from the children’s drawings and uses the voice-over of their mother Faiza to tell their story. It hopefully also highlights the shocking numbers of displaced children along with the large numbers of Syrian people who simply just ‘disappear’ under the Assad Regime.”

Animation by Alex Chilvers
Sound Design and production by Steven Dove

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One comment on “Video: Escape from Syria – Faiza’s story

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    April 9, 2017

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