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Joan E. Bauer: Progress Street

For Halloween in 1960, I dressed as an election booth

festooned with Kennedy stickers & buttons.


If you’re a woman over 60 & someone says

‘coat hanger,’ you don’t just think: laundry.


All those folks who didn’t vote, thinking: No worries.

They’re awake now.


Black paint on an old stone house.

Juden Juden. Having that nightmare too?


Take out your blue & red pens. Mark the passages.

Fact in blue, opinion in red. Is that so hard?


Maybe we all need a national civics course

taught by someone we’ll listen to. Volunteers?


Tomorrow I’m meeting an old friend. We’ll fortify

our sorrow with coffee & home fries.


Mullin’s Diner, North Side. 16th Street Bridge,

left on Progress Street.


If you’re not watchful, you’ll miss the turn.


Copyright 2017 Joan E. Bauer

Joan E. Bauer is a poet and activist who lives in Pittsburgh.

One comment on “Joan E. Bauer: Progress Street

  1. Charlie Brice
    February 17, 2017

    This poem is tightly constructed and Joan nails the ending as only she can. Great job!!

    Liked by 1 person

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