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Nina Pick: Deportation Liturgy

Dear Mr. Spicer

Like the scent of strawberries in the foyer at the bank

your words say one thing and your voice another

on a California mountain there are wild strawberries

but the smell in the room does not remind me of them


Black Ocean

When I came this way before the sea was

golden calm and shimmering out like this

for miles remember how back then we were

not at the bottom of the ocean but beside it

do you remember you were a stranger here

do you remember how welcome you felt you were


Deportation Liturgy

It is difficult to listen to two voices speaking at the same time

but god hears all of it he hears all our prayers at once

he can hear the prayers in the midst of sirens

or in the silence of a cell

even our screaming he hears as prayer

even our rage sounds like prayer even our rage at god is prayer to god


Copyright 2017 Nina Pick


One comment on “Nina Pick: Deportation Liturgy

  1. Gospel Isosceles
    February 15, 2017

    A friend works at an ICE detention facility and said there had been an influx in Haitian refugees due to the earthquake. But instead of keeping nuclear families in one facility, they are dispersed and sent to multiple facilities scattered throughout the country. Children separated from parents, husbands from wives. Often it is an arduous task –on top of the unfortunate circumstances– to locate family members, some being deported before they are even able to. Sinister motives, a terrorist attack on the one good and innate institution that is the family. God help us all.

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