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Video: Why Learn About Wild Foods?


There is such a thing as a free lunch — the edible wild plants around you.

While there are thousands of wild edibles, in most places there are only half a dozen species worth knowing.

Indeed, if you can learn six prime food plants and three medicinal plants you can survive quite well.

You don’t need a degree in botany.

You don’t need to know the Latin names.

You don’t need to know all the plants that are out there.

You need to learn just a few edibles, a few medicinals, and it wouldn’t hurt to know about any deadly plants nearby, which are usually just a few as well. A total of a dozen plants. You can learn a dozen plants.

Text and video adapted from the website Eat the Greens.



Pawpaw, a fruit tree native to eastern North America

One comment on “Video: Why Learn About Wild Foods?

  1. Deborah Bogen
    June 15, 2016

    This is a great post – thanks – a reminder to care about where you pick – if pesticides are part of city program there you need to know. Also if traffic (bus especially) is a part of the terrain take that into consideration.


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