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Mike James: Notes Towards An Informal Elegy


a nurse at her desk said, as i walked past,

your friend is very profane

yes, i said, he cusses creatively

in two languages




your hospital gown’s as big as the bedsheet

i’m surprised it covers you

you seem too large for the bed and the room

your breath weaker than yesterday though




i always joke at how fat you are

say you are like orson welles without the genius baggage

say you are big enough to “make it a threesome” when you masturbate


you call me snow white and dumbass and three or four words i never learned to spell




if i count up all the phone conversations

there are hours and hours

i could add them, make a week or two or three

eventually, i’d have to quit counting


the hours would run out like they do

like the vending machine runs out of junk food or we run out of change




i’m going out for coffee and a fish sandwich tonight

if the steelers win, i’ll make it an irish coffee

if they lose, i’ll go back and drink alone


                                      for Jack Wolford, d. 12-16-2005

Copyright 2016 Mike James

2 comments on “Mike James: Notes Towards An Informal Elegy

  1. Ruth
    June 8, 2016

    Looking forward to hearing you read on Friday, Mike. Remembering Jack.


  2. Sholehah
    June 7, 2016

    LOVE the poetry,,

    Liked by 1 person

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