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Timons Esaias: All The Important People #5

I looked for an oracle, o Master,

to riddle the koan of

bell tower breed dog foreign city

turned to the Internet and behold

my search ended with a prophet’s words

Joseph Smith of the golden tablets

speaking to the saints at Navoo

telling them that Zion is the Americas

though I had thought it to be Jerusalem

and would be guarded by Cherubim

grim as mastiffs, and I know

there is a bell tower in there somewhere

but I get lost among the twelve olive trees

and the twelve stakes

and start wondering why people trust

golden tablets that no-one lets them see

and my search has brought me to a prophecy

given to a famous audience

but I understand nothing

see only suspect words on a page

Copyright 2016 Timons Esaias. From Why Elephants No Longer Communicate in Greek published by Concrete Wolf. Reprinted by permission of the author.


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