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Vanessa German: Hardbadmean Streets

there waz a new girl/woman on the street. before i left yesterday. i saw her. marching the corner between brushton and the brusies. making. hard eye contact at alla the passing cars. lookin in for a dream or something more. liquid and. earth shaking. mostly. these corners have been abandoned since. before christmas. a new something in the air. ms. merry telling me. that she’d been fighting it. fighting that corner. checking herself into the western pysch. staying all the way over 4 bridges and through 2 tunnels. anything to keep offa those. corners. where. the meanness lives. on bicycle wheels and lies. i sometimes make the prayer that i hope. that things don’t ever get so hardbadmean for me. that i go in search of the. fiery way out between the wrist and the needle between the. flame and the cut up soda can. i ain’t seen. ms. merry. since. before christmas. and i am so glad. i dream that she will come back around. a new. line in her spine. telling me about. opening up a hair shop. some place with crooked walls and promise. and cd i help her with some drywall and art for the place? something phoenix like and hopeful. cd she. do hair for some of the women at the new house for women that we are opening up? and i will tell her. yes. ms. merry. you look so beautiful today. what are you doin wit yo skin. it is positively luminous. you look like you are levitating. you are a true vision.and she’d not be bashful at all. but. az proud az the morning sun iz obvious and holy. ==mr. raymond blesses these corners when he walks that little white dog. he iz always talking and singing. sometimes he cries and shouts. waves hiz hands around. beseeching love and asking why. why.why. and then. going on. on down the block. on these corners where the afternoon school busses let out. and there’s that one little boy who iz always shuffling or dancing doing a 2 step rhythm like to put you in the mind of a young mohammad ali. we watch him from the arthouse door. a wonder in black skin. hiz song a dream over the sidewalk.every single step that he takes iz a proclimation to justice. is a resounding ovation to prevail. and i believe in you too. homies. sisters of the block. the baby at the screen door. the police car. parked there. in silent stand to the truth that we all fall down sometimes. this kind of watch must be kept. mostly. the corner haz been a silent hollow. an echo of sorts. since alla those nights. 2 or so years ago. when everything seemed to come falling down all around us. for an entire summer. oh the holiness we’ve come to witness. oh. the body and the soul. oh the night. and the enduring. we bless these corners wit our eyes. scrolling the streets that we for know. for their echos. and their promise.

Copyright 2016 Vanessa German.

2 comments on “Vanessa German: Hardbadmean Streets

  1. gospelisosceles
    April 7, 2016

    I love “crooked walls and promise.” This is really good stuff.


  2. Did-wakenup
    April 7, 2016

    Hi, Vanessa German. Nicely-written.
    I think the girl was searching for truth!!


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