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Vanessa German: When you ask me to pray for you

when you ask me to pray for you.i go up to the roof of my soul.to the top of that mountain where the sun iz red yellow orange right up in my face.and there.i singing.your name.throw your name outta my mouth like a holy expulsion of expectant miracles.az seeds.az wind-cast turbines of healing.i sing your name in my soul.i turn it around and around and around.i take deep deep breaths right over a picture of your face in my memory.and then i dance for you.i push back the living room chairs and i dance all ovah the house.i defy.gravity and i stand up in the tap dance i make like.gregory Hines in hiz prime.i kick at the wind and it kicks back.it makes the sound of laughter.and we laugh.and the laugher iz the sound of your name it iz helium.it iz the carnival wheel.spinning offa the shores of Lake Michigan.and i do this over n over n over again until the prayer leaves me for next time i know that you are loved everywhere you go.love iz holding you in its truest embrace.

Copyright 2016 Vanessa German


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