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The Vegan Kitchen: Chickpea and pickled zucchini salad

How do you give some love to legumes when you are as bean-challenged as I am? It’s a real problem for vegans, since beans are one of our key food groups. Here is a recipe that just happened as I started to put together a garbanzo bean salad. We received some pickles from the Dickinson College farm as a Christmas present, and the pickled zucchini were fantastic (the next time we are in Carlisle, PA we’ll get a whole case of it!). The side dish started out very complicated in my head, but after the first two ingredients I had to stop because it could not be improved. Here goes:

Prep-time: 2 minutes     4 servings

2 cans organic chickpeas/garbanzo beans, drained

1 cup thin sliced pickled zucchini or other sweet and sour pickled vegetables and pickle   juice

  • Mix the chickpeas and the pickles in a large bowl,
  • add pickle juice to taste,
  • refrigerate until ready to eat so that the chickpeas can absorb the pickle flavor.

The better the pickles, the greater this recipe, and best of all: no chopping, no heating, no fancy spices, and the salad keeps in the refrigerator for a few days and gets better and better.

Copyright 2016 Eva-Maria Simms


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