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Video: “Nuggets” (a short animated film about addiction)

This short animated film by Andreas Hykade, the Director of the Animation and Visual Effects program at Germany’s Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, is a fable about addiction. Things start off innocuously, with a kiwi taking a casual stroll down a road, eventually encountering and tasting some golden nuggets. The nuggets are delicious, it turns out, too delicious to resist. Then things take a dark turn. Hykade says that he created the film for adolescents who might be tempted one day to take drugs or engage in other destructive behaviors.

Schermata 2014-11-25 alle 15.39.55

One comment on “Video: “Nuggets” (a short animated film about addiction)

  1. Evelyn
    November 23, 2018

    Wait at the end wouldn’t he ate it and then die? It’s so sad but I love the flute music it makes me tired my emotions while watching this: 🙂 :0 😐 :/ 😦 😭


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