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Tashi Nyima: Wholesome and Unwholesome

[ed. note: The first day of the year is traditionally a time to look at ourselves and consider changes we want to make in our habits and attitudes. Tasha Nyima, a Buddhist priest in Texas, gives us a simple outline we may find useful in this process.]

Unwholesome Acts

Of the Body: Killing, Stealing, Sexual Misconduct

Of Speech: Lying, Sowing Discord, Harsh Speech, Idle Chatter

Of Mind: Covetousness, Malice, Holding and Justifying Wrong Views

Wholesome Acts

The Ten Perfections: Generosity, Morality, Patience, Effort, Concentration, Discernment, Aspiration, Skillful Means, Wisdom, Power

The Four Ways of Gathering: Kindness, Encouragement, Instruction, Example

From The Great Middle Way


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