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Vanessa German: Let the Hand Go Free


let the hand go free. see what happens when yo mind iz not occupied by the occupation of being occupied by the occupation. let the hand go free and the mind go free. no destination. like what happens when the ears of your heartbeat are peaked. what does your soul want to listen to? are there rooms of invention to which language haz not arrived with the glistening pristine sheen of clarity? i am in that room wit my own soul. i am in that room with the sorrow of the days. i am in that room with what freedom i kin cull wit my own senses. it doesn’t surprise me at all that when the old mental hospital’s files are gone through they find yards and yards and yards of paper drawing secret files of gum sculptures things made wit old shoe leather that wd boggle the academic minds. that which defies thesis wonder what my free hands wd create if i let my soul out to grieve. all that must be grieved az it iz. i sieve it out incrementally so az to not be so crazy at the dinner parties. i just call it outright and let folks know. so listen. i am deeply traumatized by the amount of violence that i see enacted in our modern world. so though mama always said child there iz a time and place for everything. i’ve come loose from my time and place detector. i am spinning loose the magical magnetic north. i am the person who will corner you and repeat the details of the head shot boy over and over and over again so az to believe that it actually happened. to hear my voice say it. perhaps i ought to just make a recording az the hand goes free. perhaps i kin appoint my own fingers actuaries of healing. well. i have/ i save for the actual telling. fingers heal the soul. heal through the fingers says the heartbeat to the source of the rhythm. let loose the hand. let the hand go free. to see what the soul haz to say. let the rhythm read the results.let the hand go free. (these are listening doodles from today. went to viewing for the father of a beautiful kid. she deserved better than another murder to erase from her memory.)

Copyright 2015 Vanessa German

2 comments on “Vanessa German: Let the Hand Go Free

  1. jenneandrews
    December 4, 2015

    Fabulous poem, Vanessa– would love to hear you speak this. xxxxj


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