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Vanessa German: I believe in healing

black madonna on a paper towel from the public restroom at the shadyside hospital emergency room. where i have been too many so many times. up in there. knowing my way around. knowing alla the first test runs. knowing what time the cafeteria closes. knowing how to get the warmest blankets. knowing how to be insistent. thinkin about alla the things n people that they’ve told us to just throw away. cast them offa yo eyes! cast them offa yo hands! ruminate not over the bodies loose n low eyed amongst us– cast them offa yo cares. cast them outta yo heart. make no spaces. make no spaces. for their soul in your soul which is just the same soul spread out. i believe in souls. i believe in soul spirit heart hands in hearts love deep love. feeling things. making decisions with love in mind. i believe in healing. i believe that we provide healing to one another. by and with our souls sometimes it is simply the matter of the eyes and the light therein the love of the eye contact which is really what it is if it is eyes in that right and certain way and the truth is. that this is a language between us. and i also believes in letting go. and letting the love between and the past between taking up what yeasty characteristics that it must. to rise up and swell in a different atomic structure. molecules hearts souls and presence. so dance your dance. it’s yours so dance it.

Copyright 2015 Vanessa German

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This entry was posted on October 20, 2015 by in Personal Essays, Poetry, Social Justice and tagged , , , , , .

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