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Video: Tom Waits recites “The Laughing Heart” by Charles Bukowski

Tom Waits said that Charles Bukowski “seemed to be a writer of the common people and street people, looking in the dark corners where no one seems to want to go.” Waits has gone there, and always—like his literary hero—returned with a hell of a story. In this short video, Waits channels Bukowski’s iconoclasm.

ca.0224.waits2.Tom Waits, 1989, singer, songwriter, poet, actor ññ TOM WAITS takes a new direction as a stage actor, appearing in the play 'DEMON WINE" at the LATC. "It's nice not being the musician for a change." Photo shot Feb. 2, 1989 by Ellen Jaskol/LA Times. Photo credit: LOS ANGELES TIMES

Photo shot Feb. 2, 1989 Ellen Jaskol/LA Times. 

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