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Leonard Gontarek: Dangerous


Gimme some red birds falling into place, flocks of noise, dangerous & cooperative.

Gimme some tiny leaves falling & getting smaller.

Gimme some night falling like spirits past the barricades & barbed wire of sleep.


No I would not exchange

a half year of darkness for

a half year of spring.

It’s my darkness, I’ll keep it.


There is a deep hole all the

leaves go down. More than deep.


How do you know what mist

changes or does not change?

Imagine, everything

has been changed by it.


The more things change,

the more that changes.


Kill Everybody &

Let God Sort It Out.


Join the Army

Visit Exotic Places

Meet Interesting People

& Kill Them.


Your Karma

Ran Over

My Dogma.


I Brake For Hallucinations.


We collaborate & accumulate,

add them to the rest

& they become less,

they become us. Ah, shadow.


Standing in the middle of the street,

half-drunk, directing traffic,

wearing a t-shirt that reads: Don’t Blame Anyone.


The head is a trainman’s lantern.

The head is a tabernacle.

I look very far away. We are looking

for a way out of night that is not

soft & deep.

Whispering I can’t find my

keys to herself outside

the psychic place.


I love Philadelphia.

I love the pickup inexplicably dragging an anchor, sparking in the dark.

Copyright 2015 Leonard Gontarek

One comment on “Leonard Gontarek: Dangerous

  1. Jim Brennan
    September 5, 2015

    When I saw your title, the opening line of U2’s “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses,” played in my head, “You’re Dangerous because you’re honest.” Patent “Your Karma ran over My Dogma.” I said, Patent it! And I once drove behind the guy who broke for hallucinations. Now I must rest.


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