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Vanessa German: Whole and Holy

Safe to be your whole self. safe to say things out loud in the sound of your own voice. safe to be in your body in your eyes to be illuminated through your very own fingers whole and holy simultaneously. a riot of cells n synapses. a glory of wholeness. a carved out place of grace underneath yo rib bones. safe and whole in your feet and on your feet to be seen to be looked at with the wholeness of eyes to be regarded therein in the same ocular language of light and love and love and an effusive revelation of love love in the body love for the veins love in the nervous system love love pushing out the foreign bodies in yo lungs love love all big and righteous n breathtakingly regular as the Yellowstone national park in your body. love like a fire extinguisher in alla the jaw-tight places where the divorce lived in the gut. love in alla yo molecules. love in alla the ridges of yo teeth. love between yo teeth. love in alla the hair follicles. love in the memory storage of the brian. love in the feet. love as the feet. love as the flesh flesh flesh of yo feet. love like the secret language that you speaks in dreams. love where the pain is right up next to it holding alla the spaces near n far. love for yo every single breath and eye blink and kiss and hand touch in alla the eyecontact of this entire Thursday. love regardless of passport status or tennis shoes. serena Williams love. strong as Barack waking up in the morning. strong as earth body. love for the easy silent quiet and for the heartache too. the infusion by dint of text and intention. alla dis is and be

Copyright 2015 Vanessa German

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