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Vanessa German: Of Art

i believe in the power of art. and that’s mostly all. but good news is i find it everywhere. like there is this one man on the street and he fixes cars and listens to opera music at the same time as though he is a conductor of wrenches and engine blocks.always with his face in an engine. i see more of his back pockets than i ever see of his cheekbones. which is fine. just to say. that i’m not even thinking about the museum. cuz. there was this old tangle of hair weave left stuck on the front porch of one of the old houses from down the street and there were sugar packets and old mown grass n twigs and a cigarette lighter in it. and there is actually just no way that you cd devise that still life. and why would you want to. someone ran over the alleyway one way sign. it’s sittin in ol man g’s front yard. i think of Anish Kapoor. talking about skin and scale when it comes to the matter of sculpture. i am thinking about this entire avenue. the bulldozer down on the 7400 block and the handmade car wash sign that someone thought enuf of to repaint. the exact same letters. to re-perch it atop the fence line. everything. everywhere. sometimes even the lies come out sounding like a new and rare sunrise. i believe i believe i believe i believe in the power.

copyright 2015 Vanessa German

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  1. globalalbum1
    June 13, 2015



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