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C. L. Bledsoe: Sisyphus on the Line

One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

— Albert Camus


The meaning of life is thirty-two—that’s the number

of hours per week I’m allowed to work lest I get over-


time or full-time benefits. Chips and a soda for lunch

are all I can afford; the sugar and caffeine keep me going


on my feet checking Chinese knockoff goods that will fall

apart in a few weeks. But they’re cheap. Four hundred


dollars every two weeks is a stretch to pay rent plus food

plus gas; when my stomach gave out, I had to take a week


off, pay thirty, sixty, or more per day in copays to find out

I had colon cancer. That week plus the doctors’ bills landed


me out of my house. I’m sleeping on my son’s floor. But

I should be grateful. There’s nowhere else to work


in Mountain View except fast food because Wal Mart

pushed all the small business owners out. It’s my own


fault for buying twenty-dollar shoes and then replacing them

when they fell apart in a couple months. I just never had


a hundred to buy the ones that last.


copyright 2015 CL Bledsoe. First appeared in The Tipton Poetry Review.


Factory Work by Pyramidal. Copyright 2012-2014 Pyramidal.

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