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Jenne Andrews: Nightfall on Ellis Island

In my dream someone said resolutely,

Commit the body to the deep,

and I thought, does the sea too

promise itself?

And the icons of liberty were themselves

as salt, dissolving on the tide,

and it seemed the ashes of liberty

were then committed

to the twilight waters.


See liberty’s impassive maiden

and her torch,

how she whispers commit to me:

Bring me all of you,

washed and salved or not.

Assail me with your gull-winged


How she sings, like a siren:

Tie your scuffed shoes,

you child-voyagers:

staunch the salt.


Was it a dream, or was I then

young again,

running through day lilies

scattered on a dark field,

toward a lake of night.

And who said:

Commit to me.

Give me your storm-bruised body,

your prodigal dreams,

the white residue

of your tears.

copyright 2015 Jenne Andrews


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