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In the Aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo Attacks, Let’s Not Forget Fraternity

The Contrary Perspective


Alex Dunn.  Introduction by b. traven.

Alex Dunn is one of TCP‘s EU correspondents. An English ex-pat living in Luxembourg gives us a view of this disturbing massacre in Paris. I am sure that Alex’s view from Europe is as concerned as some of our views that the wrong lesson will be learned by politicians about this tragic and vicious attack. Those politicians in power throughout the Western world will see this as an opportunity to further suppress humanitarian and civil rights initiatives in their countries. Already in France which has wisely eliminated the death penalty the far right Le Pen party has used this tragedy to ask for a referendum on restoring the death penalty. How ridiculous, since those who commit these crimes in the name of Islam have usually accepted death as the honor that will get them to the heavenly virgins.  Let’s not compound this awful crime…

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