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Video: “War Music” by Kate Tempest

Poet Kate Tempest performs “War Music” with improvised accompaniment by Tongue Fu.

2 comments on “Video: “War Music” by Kate Tempest

  1. melpacker
    December 28, 2014

    One of the most brilliant poets we have, make sure you catch the lyrics at 3:26. Incredibly powerful, moving, tear-producing. And as you listen to her words about what our rulers do to soldier’s live, think of the many thousands more in nations our tax dollars have ruined who suffer as well.

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    • Michael Simms
      December 28, 2014

      I agree, Mel. Kate Tempest is one of the best poets we have. She’s not afraid of the big subjects, nor is she afraid to take up a variety of forms — ballad, narrative, free verse, stream-of-consciousness…


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