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Henry Pelifian: No-Fault Wars

The Contrary Perspective

When it comes to America's wars, the buck stops nowhere When it comes to America’s wars, the buck stops nowhere

Henry Pelifian

Today, war in the U.S. is like no-fault car insurance. Nobody is responsible, but everybody pays.  Even a declaration of war as stated in the U.S. Constitution is not needed.  This no-fault war policy is bipartisan and includes the endless Global War on Terror at enormous cost.  The policy includes a codicil extending to national security failures and malfeasance on September 11, 2001, with assignment of blame diverted by the bipartisan creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the PATRIOT Act.

An unwritten law in the U.S. stipulates that wars must be fully supported by the mainstream media as if the mobilization order included the media.  Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and drone strikes in foreign countries are fully covered by this no-fault policy clause in news coverage.  Meanwhile, elected politicians blithely conduct government business while remaining mute on the lies, mistakes, and…

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