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Doug Anderson: Rood Shadow

They get Jesus
in a back room

at the country club,
tell him,

Let’s get you some
new clothes

and could you
step over there

and wash your feet?
Maybe we can

get you a pedicure

we want you
to be able to walk into

our churches

upsetting everybody
all dressed up and perfumed

we want you to fit in,
grace the board meeting

once in a while
and we want you to look good on TV

(Got to do something
about that hair)

so when you tell
all those liberal pervs

to straighten up
or Hell’s a-waitin’

we want you to have AUTHORITY
and we want to

market a version of you
for the rednecks

that shoots lightning
out your fingertips

at homos and these bitches
who want

ownership of their own

because we need the votes,

we want Heaven on Earth
and botox too,

we want the eternal Barbies
of the ass-fuck-cum-in-the-face,

we want the holy star
of the Mercedes

hood ornament
to rise on Christmas

above the Temple of Mammon,
and don’t get any ideas

about fishes and loaves
or kicking the money lenders

out of the Temple, cause,
well, you know

we’ve got the nails
we’ve got the tree.


— by Doug Anderson writing for Vox Populi


Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson




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